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How Do I Delete My Data from a Mobile Phone?

How Do I Delete My Data from a Mobile Phone?

Whether you are purchasing a new phone or recycling an old mobile phone, selling one of your mobile phones, or donating your phone to a charity, you must remove all of your personal data from the mobile phone. This data includes personal contacts, your passwords, credit card information, pins, as well as other information. You should make sure that all of your information is erased before you give your phone to a new owner.

Although most people believe that the removal of a SIM card is all that is necessary, this is not correct. In addition to doing this, you should remove all of the data which will require a little extra work. This may involve some searching and manual deletions are may be as simple as a master reset. Because of the difference among models and manufacturers of mobile phones, you should make sure to thoroughly review your phone’s manual or other information so that you understand how to go through the phone and remove all of the necessary information.

The following are a series of instructions for removing all of the required data from a mobile phone:

Step 1: Make sure to back up any data before you delete any information from the phone by utilizing the phone’s backup capabilities. This is usually done through the data management software that is included with the phone package or with another data manager. 

Step 2: Remove the microSD card from your mobile phone.

Step 3: Next, remove the phone’s SIM card if your phone is a GSM phone. The majority of manufacturers install the card close to the battery and there is typically a cover over the card which will need to be removed. Other mobile phones, including the iPhone, may require the use of a paper clip to remove the card. 

Step 4: If you are able, reset the phone using a master reset. Not all phones have the ability to do this so you should look in the manual in order to determine the correct way to reset the phone. 

Step 5: Go through each of the data categories and choose the “Delete All” or “Erase All” option. The sections which you should go through include your contact list, contacts, address book, saved media such as sounds, videos, photos, and music, video and text messages in both the received and sent folders, missed, dialed, and received phone calls, data in emails, as well as all information that has been saved on your mobile phone.

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