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Warning: Poison Hiding in Old Mobile Phones

Warning: Poison Hiding in Old Mobile Phones

To keep up with technological advances, many people replace their mobile phones frequently, which makes the old ones redundant. Old mobile phones should be recycled if they are still usable, for if they are thrown out, the UK’s landfills will be poisoned with elements may will prove harmful to the environment.

Mobile phone recycling is definitely the way to go because once a phone is deposited in a landfill, it will leak harmful chemicals into the soil, and after they are absorbed, they will be released gradually into our environment, contaminating our food and water.

You can search Sell My Old Mobile Phone for a recycler who will pay you for the phone, and once you settle on one and provide the necessary information, you will receive a postage-paid jiffy bag for shipping. (Note also that payment is generally very prompt.) Based on your preference, you can receive a cheque, or be paid through PayPal of BACS. You may also have the option of being paid with a voucher (often greater than the cash payment) that can be used to make purchases from a well-established retailer.

To ensure that your old mobile phone is in good working order and can be sold, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the SIM card from the phone, and delete your personal data from the memory.
  2. Make sure that the battery, which should be the original one, has been fully-charged and is turned off.
  3. Set the phone back to its original settings to remove the existing pin codes and security settings.
  4. Remember that your charger can also be recycled if it is no longer needed.

Recycled mobiles that are functional are often shipped to third-world countries in Asia, South America, and Africa, or sold at a lower price here at home, which makes them available to those who could not afford them at standard prices. Phones that cannot be used are recycled in this way:

  1. Lithium and nickel are extracted from the battery.
  2. Metal and plastic are removed from the charger.
  3. Mixed plastics can also be melted down and recycled.
  4. Various metals, including gold, are extracted for reuse.
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