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Mobile Phones - from rare to everywhere.

Mobile Phones - from rare to everywhere.

25 years ago mobile phones were as scarce as rocking horse poo. The first phones that appeared around 1985 were targeted at businessmen and stock market traders; priced at more than 2,000 pounds a pop and being the size of a small semi detached house, you had to earn the GDP of a small African nation to afford one.

As the prices came down and operators grew hungrier for more people’s hard-earned cash, the penetration of the market for mobile phones gradually increased until today where 90% of the U.K. population has at least one mobile phone.  Many of us have more than one, often there's an old mobile phone sitting in a drawer somewhere, gathering dust, but just as a select few first discovered the benefits of having a mobile phone, people are discovering that they can sell old handsets and claim the money paid out.

So don’t discard or throw away your old mobile phone.  Why? Well for one it is not environmentally friendly, and two, there is no money in it. But how much is your old phone worth?

By using Sell My Old Mobile Phone, you can compare real-time trade-in or buy-back prices for old makes and models of mobile phones. Users of the site will find regularly updated comparison prices, and at the click of a mouse button, see where the best prices can be obtained.  In some cases, the prices offered by the recycling companies are better than the trade-in price offered when purchasing or upgrading to a newer model or service contract.

The demographics of the mobile phone using population has changed over time, and comparing the penetration of the mobile phone in the everyday lives of today’s users compared to those of 25 years ago … well there really is no comparison.

In an ever increasingly tight economy, mobile phone users are increasingly looking, as is every demographic group, to claw back or save as much of their hard-earned cash as possible.

To find the best price for your old mobile phone handset, log onto; let them do the hard work, while you reap the reward.

How much is your old phone worth?

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