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How Do I Get My Phone Recycled?

How Do I Get My Phone Recycled?

It's easy.  After you've got a price for your phone click the "Sell now" button to go to your chosen mobile phone recycler web site.  Once there, if you accept their offer they will send you a jiffy bag to post your phone to them in.

Before you post it remember to delete any private info you might have (especially embarrassing photos!) and send your handset fully charged, switched off, without any sim or memory cards and remove any security or pin codes that could stop them from testing the phone is OK.

Take care, usually they don't accept responsibility for non-delivery, so it's worth your while to send it recorded signed for delivery.  This only costs 75p on top of the postage charge, and means you're insured it for up to £36.

If your mobile isn't up to scratch (unfortunately around 1 in 5 are rejected) the mobile phone recycler will get in touch and probably offer you a reduced price.  Don't feel you have to accept this, the phone will be returned free of charge if you don't.

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