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Compare mobile phone recyclers below.  Our rating is based on the services provided by the mobile phone recycler, their mobile phone valuations and speed of payment.  You can write reviews too, and rate the sites once you've sold your mobile phone.

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Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Quoted £7.31 because they said there was no battery with it. Absolute rubbish, battery was strapped to phone for carriage purposes and the phone and battery were wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed in so there is no way they could have missed it. Very very very unimpressed. Avoid this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by R OHare

same rough issue as the person above, a nearly new Huawei s7 offered £20 as battery supposedly missing, yet had been sent all boxed up

Reviewed by russell hide

Great website will definatly be using again

Reviewed by Paul Marmon

Took approx 1 month to eventually get payment out of them. Sent a Nokia in after being quoted £56.05 through the MSE comparision site, Received email 2 days later saying received, another the next day saying it had passed their checks OK then 2 days later another to say that payment had being sent. 2 weeks later, no money in my account so phoned them, they said give it another few days in case it comes through. After 1 more week, phoned and they said they'd try again. Another week passes, phoned again and was then told that my account doesn't accept fast payments, that they'll try manually processing and if that doesn't wrok they'll send a cheque. Yet another week passes, so I phoned them again, the chap said he couldn't see if anything had been sent so he'll flag it up with accounts again. Check my bank this morning, and lo-and-behold the money has suddenly appeared! Anothet thing to note is that they aren't very easy to contact, tried ringing sometimes and would get a 'nobody is available' message and cut off, and one day the number even took me through to an accident claims company! They did phone back quite promptly if I contacted them through the website though. On the basis of this experience, they won't be getting anything else from me.

Reviewed by Lee

really poor service sent my phone over a week ago still waiting for payment as they have banking problems sound like another company going under just hope I get my money soon wish I used one of the other company. Cash 4 phones don't us them I u want ur money quick

Reviewed by John

My phone was recieved and passed it's test on 02SEP11. Its 15SEP11 and still no cash, despite a message to say payment has been made. Don't use these guys if you expect promp payment. I am considering small claims court action against them.

Reviewed by Ian Mack

would not use this Company again! They gave a better price than the previous Company i used, but their service is awful. Have rung them 6 times yet & they still have'nt paid me! 3 weeks & still nothing!! Stay well clear

Reviewed by PAUL FRANCIS

Found the evaluation of the phone to be completely different to what had been published on their website. Stating the phone was not working when I had been using it perfectly fine the day of posting it out to them. And to get the phone back would cost the same amount as they had offered to buy it. Will never use this site again!

Reviewed by Zoe

TERRIBLE COMPANY!!! Sent off to perfect working mobiles they emailed me saying the phones have excessive wear and tear to which i got offered a much less value than original. So i rejected the offers and then they forget to tell you before rejecting its £4.95 to return the phones. It get worse but i will leave it at that. Dont use this company

Reviewed by Roy

avoid at all costs, iphone 4 in good condition offer online was £265 they emailed me an offer of £139. Use anyone else you can, also cost me more money to get phone back from them.

Reviewed by peter baker

Absaloute joke i would of given you no stars if i could. A immaclate phone sent in only for an offer of £20 below the original offer new offer offered due to excessive wear and tear. There was not a mark on it. I will be selling the phone on ebay after having to pay a return fee and will contact trading standards about these cowboys.

Reviewed by Michael holden

avoid this scammer. After receiving your phone they will offer you a lower price motivating that there is Excessive wear and tear (...for a phone in good working condition designated for recycling).

Reviewed by Marcel

I sold a htc cha cha for £58 but when they received it they changed their offer to £35, I chose to decline the offer but then they informed me that would cost around £5! I am not happy as plenty other sites offered over £50 and this has never happened t me before using other sites.

Reviewed by Emma

On line offer for my perfect iPhone 3GS 16 was £150 which was a fair price, so I sent it to them. Once they had it in their possession, they offered me £50 !!! What an insult. Declined offer – they insisted I pay in advance for phone to be returned which I did. They then took THREE WEEKS TO RETURN THE PHONE – ONLY AFTER I CALLED AND SENT THEMM emAILS. Service at GUTTER LEVEL- scammers. Do yourself a favour and take your custom elsewhere

Reviewed by SANTAN

very unhappy about the service I received from cash4phones and will not be using them again. After sending in my phone a week and a half later they offered me well under the agreed price. After speaking to them they agreed to pay price agreed but three weeks after saying the money would be in my account I am still waiting for payment! Defo be using mazuma or envirofone next time.

Reviewed by Jade Thomason

great company, fast payment.

Reviewed by john

Absolutely terrible - avoid at all costs! Sent in a perfectly good phone which met all the criteria they were looking for. Received an email saying they had received my phone and it had "excessive wear and tear" and almost halved my offer. To reject the offer I have to pay £4.95 for them to return the handset, but their website will not process my payment. Do not use! There are much better recycling sites available.

Reviewed by Ashley

Same old story - I wish I'd read the reviews first. My HTC Desire has never been out of its case, yest the offer was halved for "excessive wear and tear". I tried to be stoical and pay the £5 to have it returned to find site was unable to take payment... Still not phone back. Shocking and feels likea total con. There really should be a "no star" option - and sellmyoldmobilephone should avoid listing them as I'll avoid both from now on.

Reviewed by Steve Bunning

Was offered £115 for my old iPhone. To make sure there was no problems I changed the case and screen so it looked brand new. I even photographed me packing the phone to prove it was in perfect condition and well packed. (the post bag they send wouldnt keep anything safe) They received the phone and offered me £57 saying the back case was damaged!! I rejected this and had to pay almost £5 to get it back. Awaiting the phone to see what damage they have done to it !!

Reviewed by Ex 3GS owner

Disgusting bunch of scam artists. Quote high price valuations to get the phone's in then when they get them they send "revised offers" due to "excessive wear and tear". I sent a phone in perfect working condition, a few exterior chips but what do you expect from a two year old phone and they offered a price £10 less than origional offer. Then to top it off when you click to reject the offer they want £4.95 to return it to you! DO NOT USE!! Wish i could have given it no starts at all.

Reviewed by S. Leake

Same old scam. Offer a good price then slash it in half saying excessive damage even though there is none and then charge you to send it back. This company is well worth avoiding and I would tell anyone who will listen. Gives mobile recycling companies a bad name.

Reviewed by Garry Hunter

i sold a phone through these earlier this year and was most dissappointed with them. i sent it in very good working order for them to get in touch and tell me this was not so. if they improved thier packaging they wouldn`t have this problem, but i feel they do this as a scam to make more money. a crummy plastic bag to send your phone is not my idea of safe or ideal way of postage i lost at least £25 off the value of my phone through this and will NEVER go with them again. shambles

Reviewed by teresa benson

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! sent them a 6 month old Blackberry curve in perfect working order just a few marks on the battery cover from going in and out of my bag. original offer of £70 was reduced to £28 because they said there were technical problems with it. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. i was using the phone right up to the day i sent it to them. i also bubble wrapped it as the thin plastic envelope would not have protected it in the post. i have rejected their offer and it has cost me £8.95 to get the phone returned. OUTRAGEOUS. I WILL NOT BE PLEASED IF MY PHONE IS RETURNED DAMAGED.

Reviewed by karen pulford

I used cash4phones recently and was utterly disgusted with the whole process of selling my phone with them. From reading this forum and many others, I appear to not be the only one. My phone was in mint condition when I sent it to them. I had a rubber cover and the plastic screen protector on my phone so it was immaculate. I therefore felt there was no reason to not give me the £45 I was offered. I was confused to therefore receive an email informing me that my phone had excessive damage to the screen/scratches and I was only offered £15! This made no sense because I sent my phone packed in lots of bubble wrap. I called cash4phones on a Thursday afternoon told them they must have my phone confused with someone else's. I was told someone would look into it and call me back by the end of the day. No one called so I had to call back the next day and explain everything again. I was then told again someone would call me back by the end of the day. It got to Tuesday and no call so I had to call again. I was then told that they had looked at my phone and it had damage to the screen and now a crack on the back! Again I told them that my phone was in mint condition and they have it confused with someone else's. They then Insinuated that I was lying which was the icing on the cake! I gave them 3 options - 1. Pay me the £45 they agreed to pay me or 2. Return my phone to me in the condition i sent it in free of charge so I can sell it to a more competent company 3. I accept the price for a damaged phone and I inform as many people as I can that cash4phones are an utter disgrace of a company. Unfortunately for cash4phones they picked option 3. It is a common fact that on average 1 person will tell 10 people about bad customer service, and those 10 people will tell ten more...and those ten more....good luck phones4you, you really did pick the wrong option!

Reviewed by Corrie baker

Hi let me take you through this in stages - as it has taken nearly 3 months (64 days) to get my money. Each stage is a headache as I was constantly thinking I have been ripped off and they wont be returning my phone. I was gearing up to go small claims court. 1. 7th January sent my phone to cash 4 phones. Blackberry Bold 9700 in excellent condition. I even sent it to them in the original box with CD and instructions. They were offering £69.06 2. 10th January received an email stating that the phone is in excessive bad wear and tear and that they can only offer me £22.62 or pay £8.00 plus to return the phone. 3. 12th January 2013 Paid £8.00 plus to have my phone returned 4. 17th January 2013 sent email asking for an update as to when my phone will be returned - no response 5. 19th January 2013 another email sent asking for an update as to when my phone will be returned - no response. 6. 21 January 2013 phoned Cash 4 phones and advisor stated that my phone was still in the wear house and will be dispatched that very day and I should receive it within 5 days (Well you would think that pay £8.00 to return it, it should arrive the next day!!). 7. 28th January 2013 - No phone, Called Cash 4 phones no answer 8. 7th February 2013 - Spoke to an advisor she stated that my phone has not been dispatched as she is the one who handles all dispatches. I asked her where is my phone. She did not answer. I again, asked her where is the whereabouts of my phone she asked my to hang on. When she came back on the phone she apologised and said they could offer me the full original £69.06 for the phone. I accepted and did not pursue where my phone is as it was evident that the either lost it or stole. I was also offered my refund of my £8.00 postage. She stated the cheque should arrive within the next 10 working days. 9. 25th February 2013 - No cheque has arrived. 10. 2nd March 2013 - Cheque arrives for £69.06 _ please note although happy, I am still frighten and scared that the cheque might bounce. I feeling frighten because of all the negative reviews I have read over the last 2 months and the daily new post with people being ripped off. 4th March 2013 - Cheque put in back 11th March 2013 - I can say officially that the cheque has cleared as no come back from the banks. Cash 4 phones - this was the most painful and horrific experience I have been through and I will not be using you again or recommending you to others. It is just not worth the hassle. 64 days from start to finish.

Reviewed by handbagshoes

Gave a good value quote, but later stated my a1 phone had excess wear and tear. Offered 1/3 of the price. I had to pay 8.95 to get the phone back. Just google the company before you think about using them.

Reviewed by Gary

I am so angry with this company sent emails tried phoning and no money yet !!!

Reviewed by Louise Dugard

i have not had payment been waiting for ages no reply back when i email them

Reviewed by tamara howells

i have yet to receive the £130 agreed for phone over 10 weeks ago. they are not responding to emails and you cannot get through on the phone

Reviewed by Shona Jacques

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