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Compare mobile phone recyclers below.  Our rating is based on the services provided by the mobile phone recycler, their mobile phone valuations and speed of payment.  You can write reviews too, and rate the sites once you've sold your mobile phone.

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Despite this company offering a first class service , they do far from this. I posted a phone on the Monday , by the Thursday of the same week , I emailed to chase a status update , I was informed this shad not been received as their records said it was still outstanding , could I contact them in a few days. I emailed them on the following Tuesday for an update , no reply. I rang them at 930 this morning constantly until 10.00am but just got an answer Machine , I left a message to contact me with a update , I had no reply. I have today constantly tried calling , again a answer machine , so again I have left another message to call me. Again this morning I sent a email for a update , but again I have heard nothing. I have given them 14 hours to respond. If I hear nothing I will be Pershing this company through Trading Standards. I world recommend others to use other mobile phone recycling companies , as this company do not diver what they say they do.

Reviewed by Nicola hunt

Absolutely disgusted with the service cash my fone provide. Over 2 weeks , sought advice from trading standards , breach of contract letter sent., phone calls promising immediate payement within 2 hours , and yet again , nothing had happened ! I do not recommend this company to Amy body !

Reviewed by Nicola hunt

dont go to cashmyfone i sent my mobile to them recorded delivery,the lady said they hadnt recieved it but it was signed for. since then had no responce by email and cant get through to them on the phone.iv reported them to the fraid ppl.this site should remove them.

Reviewed by karen

It’s rare to get a professional pesorn in whom you may have some trust. In the world nowadays, nobody genuinely cares about showing others the way out in this topic. How lucky I am to have actually found a wonderful site as this. It really is people like you who make a genuine difference these days through the ideas they share.

Reviewed by Bobo

very poor service i ended up canceling they didnt pay within the time quoted on there website also did not acknowledge rececpt of the phone for three days to many problems to list not happy would not recomend .

Reviewed by andrew streader

After signing up on the website and finding a great value for our mobiles, we sent out our mobiles on their freepost address via special recorded delivery. An email was sent to us within days regarding our mobiles that they had been received by Cash my fone and then another email within the neext few days saying our phones have been passed through the tests and a bank transfer would be made soon. The payment was in our bank account within the next 24 hors. We found the process to very extremely friendly and easy.. Whole process took difficultly 10 days.

Reviewed by Tom

This is the worst company you can deal with. I sent my phone by recorded delivery last Monday and I received an email from them the following Thursday to say they hadn't received my phone. I had sent recorded delivery and was able to check tracking and my phone was delivered to them the next day (Tuesday) and signed for. I emailed to let them know and they emailed to say they would check. I received an email to say they had received it and in the same second received another email to say my phone was faulty and showed signs of wear and tear and they offered me less money. I emailed to ask what the problem was and nothing I have emailed them a number of times telling them there was nothing wrong with my phone and to return it to me. They have ignored all my emails so I have no idea what is happening. I want to know what other action I can take DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - STAY WELL CLEAR

Reviewed by Marion Robinson

Cash My Fone processed my mobile phone and emailed me on Wednesday to say the money would go into my account within 48hrs. Its now been 120hrs and you guessed it......No Money. And now to cap it all off they are no longer answering their phone! Beware!

Reviewed by Justin Walsh

I have to say, I was very much looking forward to writing this review after being asked "Don't forget to leave us a review about how you found our service" in one of their emails. I was one of those people that saw a couple of negative reviews but proceeded to use the company anyway as they had the highest price for the phone I wanted to recycle. I really, really wish I'd paid more attention. Since my case has finally been resolved I've now discovered that this company basically lists the highest prices for most handsets so you choose them, then claims there's something wrong with it and knocks off 10%. I've seen practically everyone on reviews and on their facebook page say this has happened to them, including myself. One facebook poster even sent in a practically new phone, still to be told there was something wrong with it. Personally, I sent my phone in at the end of June and it's taken right up to a week ago (mid-September) to finally receive full payment. Previously I've used other companies who have been very prompt with payment or even acknowledging that they've received the device. The customer service with these guys is shoddy to non-existent. They don't answer their phones, don't reply to emails and rarely respond to messages on facebook. In order to get my full payment I had to write a letter and post it via recorded delivery. I'm awarding one star as I did eventually receive the originally quoted value for the device, albeit after some months. My advice to you if you're considering this company: avoid at all costs. If you've come across the name because they were promising the highest price for the device you're looking to recycle, don't bother. Go for the 2nd highest and you'll save yourself a lot of hassle and likely receive payment in a far more timely fashion.

Reviewed by Marek

Offered me o lower price which I agreed to. Said the money would be in my account in 48 hours. 2 weeks later still waiting. Emailed them no reply. Phoned them and she immediately said its about payment and said the money will be in tomorrow. I very much doubt it.

Reviewed by Alison doyle

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